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Increase Performance & Reliability

Air monitors require calibration to insure the accuracy measure and detect the gases they were designed to detect. As gas sensors age they lose sensitivity to gas. Gases and environmental factors also cause the gas sensor to lose sensitivity to the gas it was designed to detect. Regular calibration insures that these changes are compensated and adjusted to the gas detector reads accurately.

Detect Services use NIST traceable gas standards, as specified by each manufacturer, to calibrate each air monitor we service. At your request, we will provide a calibration certificate for each gas detector we service. In addition to calibrating, we test each detector to insure they meet all manufacture performance specifications as outlined in the manufacturer owner manual.

Tech Support

Air monitors Professionals

Detect Services provides free technical phone support to all our customers. Our factory trained service technicians can answer your questions and provide you with the information and equipment you need for your application.

We could be contacted for technical support for something as simple as restarting a device. The menu structure on a lot of the systems could be confusing or complicated, while our technicians use the menus on the daily basis.


On-Site Service

Decrease Downtime and Repair Costs

Detect Services factory trained service technicians, test and calibrate a variety of fixed air monitoring and gas detection systems. Due to the high sensitivity of these systems, quarterly calibration and test is recommended, to ensure the equipment is kept in good working order.  Detect Services uses NIST weight traceable calibration gas to calibrate the equipment. A service report is supplied after each service visit. The service report details the test and calibration data. A calibration label is placed on the system that indicates; date of service, next due date, gas standards used and the technician’s name. A functional test of remote alarms and interfaces is performed at customer requested intervals.

ANSI-ISA ISA-RP92.0.02, Part II-1998 (R2013) States “It is important that the Checkout Procedures (refer to Clause 10) be performed by qualified personnel trained in the operation, maintenance, and repair of toxic gas detection instruments, and that the personnel responsible for maintenance be defined clearly.”


ANSI-ISA-RP12.13.02 (IEC 61779-6 Mod): States “Maintenance procedures should be undertaken only by personnel trained in the operation, maintenance and repair of flammable gas detection instruments.”

Sales and Customer Service

Contact Customer Service Toll Free at 1-877-500-2706 for help in selecting the best air monitor for your application. Our inside sales dept. have experienced professionals that can answer all your questions regarding this equipment.

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